HTML (Introduction)


An introduction to HTML and how to write and save HTML documents.

Indices lesson 2


Further explanation and examples

Indices lesson 1


What are indices and the laws of indices

Radioactivity (Introduction) lesson 3

Category: PHYSICS

An example of radioactivity sample question for further understanding of the topic

Radioactivity (Introduction) lesson 2

Category: PHYSICS

How to tell whether a nucleus can undergo radioactivity

Radioactivity (Introduction) lesson 1

Category: PHYSICS

Introduction to radioactivity

Blogging on the E-learning portal

Category: How to

Blog (shortened from the word Weblog) is log or diary of information. The term weblog was coined in 1997 and it was shortened to blog in the year 1999. Ever since then people use the word Blog more than Weblog as it became more popular and frequently used. To blog on the platform simply go to profile then there click on blog entries and will see add new entry.

How to add contacts

Category: How to

Adding contacts is like sending friend request on facebook. The other party has to accept the request then after you can be able to communicate easily. this is done by clicking on a particular course then there you click on the menu button. On the menu click on participants then choose a person to which you want to send the add contact request then on his/her profile click on add contact.

How to participate in discussions

Category: How to

Participate in discussions to share your understanding of the topic by following these easy steps

How to start a discussion

Category: How to

If you have a question that you need answered or you have something that you would your fellow students to answer so that you get better understanding, you start a discussion.

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